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  • »Martink91« ist der Autor dieses Themas

Registrierungsdatum: 24.12.2019

Typ: Omega B Limousine

Motorisierung: Sonstige

Erstzulassung: 2002

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24.12.2019, 16:18

Opel Omega B 3.5dti project


I hope you accept me as non-german speaking person :S .

I have project car with originaally 2.5dti engine. 2017 I bought bmw e61 with
3.5(3.0d) engine with bi-turbo and fitted that engine into my omega.

Engine conversion is not only thing that I have made..

I have made facebook page to cover my project but I want to make some more
addvertisement to get more fans on to my page.


Picture section is bit messy to see all the pictures you need to go to albums
and then "view all albums".

I am located in Estonia(Estland) and since our omega club(omegaclub.org) is
really little I sometimes have tehnical troumbles that I have to deal mainly
with myself. Because in our club theres just no one other to have project car
with that kind of calibre. And theres lack of tehnical knowledgement I thought
that I might get some good knowledgement elsewhere. So I made fb fans page, but
even thers not enought helpers.

So what is special about my car vs ordinary omega?

Car is 2002 facelift version. I saved it from scraping since engine was totaled
because of broken swirlflap. I got this car halfly salvaged allready. Most of
inside was gone, and no front bumper, front fenders. You can see the condition
on my fb page.

Cars body was in good condition since it has been in estonia less than one
year (it came from denmark, if I remember correctly) and in Estonia car bodys
will get extremly rusty because of salts used on roads in winter.

So now..

Car has-

Front axle has all strongflex yello bushings
EBC raceing brakes, front ones are grooved, rear discks are wented(as dti and
3.2 had them)
Front brakeing calippers are Holden monaro (I bouht them as Potiac GTO but they
where unpainted and on casting its written „made in Australia“) they where
reworked by mself

Rear axle has refurbished brakeing calippers.

front brake pads are Corvette c5 ceramical (monroe)

Rear ones are EBC raceing redstuff ceramical

Front axle has Bilstein B8 shock absorbers

Rear axle has Koni Yellow adjustable

Eibach lowering springs(black ones)

Interior is made to prefacelift verison

Rear seat has heatings. It came from MV6 originaally, so rear door covers has

I am looking for sport black lether seats to front. Right now it has facelift
seats that I painted black(it turned up to be dark gray instead, I think
because they where green originally).

original MV6 seats was from 95 so they had not have any side airbags and I
decided not to use them.

I am also looking for center cosole without window lifter button places since I
modified window lifting panels to fit with prefacelift version and to be on
door cover as facelift it has.

Audio is bit better than original, but still nothing.

I am useing alpine 179bt heaunit with talkbox to have audito information on
tripple info display.

Fron speakers are bit better than original, with filters. Rear speakers are Bose
original, but they are old.

I am going to make some tuneup in audio in some time. I would like to add 2
open air subwoofers to rear of the car.

Steeringweheel is irmcher sport.

I am planning to repaint the steeringwheel, all wood imitations, and inside
door opening handle backs(in irmsher they where wooden styled). Steerinwheel
need new lether, sins there hol in it.


It has irmcher style front lip(fibre glass), and I am looking for original rear
trunk spoiler, since all aftermarket glass fibre is total crap(I have 3 of

Front light has black backround. Original xenons wher bad condition so I
reworked them with Morimoto EVO X-R 2.0 but I am planning upgrade.

I am propalby fitting pre fl stenmetz rear lip in my facelift pumper.

Side mirrors are electically foldable with memory function!!!

They fold, when I lock the car and unfold, when I turn on ignition.

Original automatic lights where xenon. I made them to be fog lights.

Comfort (triple) blinker from VAG croup car.

I have one tehnical issue with differential.

Since I am useing BMW 6 speed manual gerabox, rear diff has wrong gear ratio. Currently It has 3.27
but I need as low as 2,65 or 2,35 would be even better.

Useing BMW diff is out of question, sinse they are big, really soft and won’t
have LSD in it.

Manufacturing one pair of special order gears are really expensive for me,
costing 2000 or even more €.

And I am looking for rain sensor cover for central mirror with memory function.
I got the mirror but I havent got cover for it anywhere. Usual mirror has
different kind of cover.

I think that I will get back here and give some updates If you accept me and my
english language in this forum.

Thers a lot that, I did’nt wrote down right now.


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